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Non-Diet Resolutions

The new year is a time for self-reflection; we examine what went well in the past year and what needs more work, setting goals for the year ahead. Often these goals are related to diet, weight loss, or exercise habits with an intention to change our physical appearance. But what are other ways we can foster our best selves in the new year? Here are some ideas for non-diet resolutions to bring into 2020.

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What's Been Cooking in the Nutrition Kitchen?

If you’re a regular visitor to the University Health Center or follow us on social media, you have probably heard about the Nutrition Kitchen located in the Health Promotion department. In the Nutrition Kitchen, we offer nutritious, budget friendly, and hands-on cooking classes for UGA students taught by a registered dietitian nutritionist.

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Happy Active Thanksgiving! 5 ways to stay active on Thanksgiving break

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Spirituality

Spirituality means knowing one’s self, having a sense of purpose in life, feeling connected to others, and achieving one’s full potential.

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Meal Prep 101

Looking for a convenient way to build nutritious and delicious meals into a busy schedule? Try meal prepping!

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Tobacco

Another reason to quit: smoking and tobacco use can cause stress. Some tobacco users believe that smoking is a stress reducer, but the opposite can be true — it can impact your sleep, your body’s ability to fight infection, and your overall health.

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Alcohol & Other Drugs

Have you ever heard that alcohol and other drugs reduce stress, are “an outlet” or “an escape from reality?” The reality is that alcohol and other drugs can create more stress. How? By potentially causing health, impairment, and legal problems.

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Time Management

Ever feel overwhelmed with approaching deadlines or anxious about having many things to do and not enough time to do them? While it’s natural to feel that way at times, learning to manage your time and having a plan to help you get organized and set priorities will help ease the stress.

cartoon of Healthy Dawg juggling clocks set at various times
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BeYOU This Halloween

UHC Medical Clinic Green dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters for Halloween
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