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Wellbeing in Context: Community

At the University Health Center, we are dedicated to supporting your holistic wellbeing. Caring for your own wellbeing is deeply important work, and if we lived in a vacuum, perhaps that would be where our commitment to wellbeing ends. But the institutions we are a part of, the systems that structure our lives, and the communities we live in shape our individual experience of wellbeing in powerful ways. With so many of these external forces outside of our control, what can we do to stay well?

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#BeWellUGA: Winter Season Self-Care

The winter season and, for some, the holiday season is approaching, and along with it comes finals and other potentially related stressors. On top of the things we may generally navigate on a daily basis, 2020 has brought unique obstacles. Now more than ever, it is crucial to put our mental health and well-being first. Keep reading for some healthy coping and stress-relief activities and options!

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Make Your Thanksgiving: Cranberry Crisp

Thanksgiving is upon us, and that can only mean one thing; the annual showdown of canned cranberry sauce fans versus fresh cranberry sauce fans. Which side are you on?

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Protect Yourself Against Respiratory Illness

Be a #HealthyDawg! Keep yourself and the UGA community healthy!

Stop the spread of germs. Help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19. Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arms' length) from other people.
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No Blender? No Problem! Smoothies for Fall

Smoothies are a portable meal or snack that can pack in a lot of nutrients; protein, calcium, fiber, and more. They can be especially helpful when you don’t have much time, but need sustenance and energy to tackle your day. But what about when you don’t have access to much space or kitchen equipment and there’s no blender in sight? Or you just don’t feel like dealing with the clean up?

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#BeWellUGA: Social Gatherings During Social Distancing

With the start of Fall in Athens, we all play an active role in keeping our community safe. As a part of a caring community we all need to adhere to CDC Safety and social distancing standards.

students canoeing at UGA's Lake Herrick
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Freshman 15: Fact or Fiction?

Ever dream you missed an exam in a class you didn’t know you were taking? Or you walked through the dining commons in your underwear? When you woke up, you knew you didn’t really have to worry about those things happening. The Freshman 15 is another myth that causes undue stress. We’re here to debunk the Freshman 15 myth, discuss weight changes in college, and share tips on how to embrace wellness on campus.

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Mindful Nutrition Apps

Looking for nutrition advice, tracking, or feedback? You know there’s definitely an app for that.

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How to Protest Safely During COVID-19

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