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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Relationships

Starting, maintaining, and ending relationships can all be stressful. Is your relationship stressing you out?

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Sleep

Stress and sleep problems often go hand-in-hand. It can be hard to know how to improve your sleep when you’re stressed and how to reduce stress when you’re having trouble sleeping.

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Relaxation

Relaxing your body and mind can help you manage stress and improve your concentration, productivity, and overall well-being. Read on for some helpful techniques!

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UGA vs. Tennessee Bucket List

Heading to Knoxville to cheer on the Dawgs?

Check out this bucket list created by The Fontaine Center for fun things to do and sights to see while you’re there!

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Exercise

Physical activity provides immediate stress relief as well as long-term stress management — just 20-30 minutes of walking per day, for example, can give you more energy, help you put things in perspective, improve your sleep, sharpen your mental productivity, and boost your self-confidence.

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First Year Five: 5 Ways to Thrive Your 1st Year at UGA

It’s your first year at one of the top schools in the nation, the University of Georgia. Now what?

You may be living on your own for the first time, having to learn how to study effectively and efficiently, learning what to feed yourself, or making new friendships. Being a first year student can be a hard adjustment because there are so many changes happening all at once. Below are FIVE tips to help you thrive during your first semester at UGA.

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Nutrition

Did you know? Healthy eating plays a crucial role in your ability to deal with times of extra stress — a balanced diet will help you stay focused, alert, energetic, and healthy.

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#BeWellUGA and Learn About…Managing Stress: Attitude

Have you ever noticed how the exact same situation can stress one person out, but not affect another person at all? The difference can usually be explained by how each person thinks about it. Changing the way you think can help you manage stress in your life.

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Grocery Shopping in Athens

Welcome to Athens! We’re glad you’re here. Whether you’re a returning Dawg or an international student who just arrived to campus, a new year of college is a time of transition. Over the course of the next few weeks and months, you’ll be settling in and building routines in your new home. Finding places to eat and shop for groceries is a big part of establishing a routine here, and this post is meant to give you information to help navigate eating off and on campus.

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