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Wellbeing in Context: Community

At the University Health Center, we are dedicated to supporting your holistic wellbeing. Caring for your own wellbeing is deeply important work, and if we lived in a vacuum, perhaps that would be where our commitment to wellbeing ends. But the institutions we are a part of, the systems that structure our lives, and the communities we live in shape our individual experience of wellbeing in powerful ways. With so many of these external forces outside of our control, what can we do to stay well?

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#BeWellUGA: Winter Season Self-Care

The winter season and, for some, the holiday season is approaching, and along with it comes finals and other potentially related stressors. On top of the things we may generally navigate on a daily basis, 2020 has brought unique obstacles. Now more than ever, it is crucial to put our mental health and well-being first. Keep reading for some healthy coping and stress-relief activities and options!

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A Conversation: Graduate School and Recovery

Two UGA graduate students “sat down” with me for a conversation around their personal journeys. They offered their wisdom and wit in navigating life as graduate students and as people in recovery.

Today I can genuinely say I love myself, and that love is contingent on nothing.
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Sober Date Ideas: National Recovery Month 2020

Yes, we’re going there. And it’s going to be FUN.

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#BeWellUGA: Social Gatherings During Social Distancing

With the start of Fall in Athens, we all play an active role in keeping our community safe. As a part of a caring community we all need to adhere to CDC Safety and social distancing standards.

students canoeing at UGA's Lake Herrick
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UMatter and Your Actions Matter!

While celebrating the end of the school year, enjoying the start of summer, and navigating businesses re-opening, we all play an active role in keeping our community safe.

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Finding a Routine During the Summer

If you’re feeling the impact of a new schedule or lack of structure, it can be helpful to create a routine that includes time for things you have to do and things you want to do.  It can take a little time to land on a routine that feels best for your life, but the strategies below can help to find the perfect routine.

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Take Time for Tea

Tea has been around for thousands of years and can be linked back to ancient times. Today, billions of pounds of tea is sold in the United States each year, including sweet tea, of course!

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Essential Oils

Looking for a fun project to do at home to energize and recharge? Try making an essential oil roll-on! It’s easy and low cost, once you have the supplies you need.

Essential Oils 101: Finding the Right One for You
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