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#BeWellUGA at Home: Quarantine and Chill? Dating During Social Distancing

Follow these tips for dating and relationships during social distancing:

Don’t feel pressured to date right now. Swiping on dating apps, texting, holding a conversation, and going on dates can be emotionally draining. Take your time for yourself and pursue people and relationships when you have the energy and motivation!

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Sexual Health Services at UHC

Whether you are sexually active right now or not, the University Health Center spends a lot of time meeting with students to answer their questions about sexual health. A good rule of thumb is to come in annually for an exam or physical and be open and honest with your provider about your sexual behaviors. For women, the “Well Women’s Exam” is the perfect time to check in about contraceptive options and changes in PMS, cramping, and bleeding patterns. The CDC recommends annual testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea for all sexually active adults under 26. For men who have sex with men, annual syphilis and HIV testing should also be discussed.

Ask any kind of question about your sexual health in a totally judgement-free environment.

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