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Support Survivors – RSVP at UGA

What does it mean to support survivors?

Here at UGA, we take care of our fellow Dawgs. We listen, believe, and support survivors when they disclose to us. Part of that support is referring friends to the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Office.  If you have been impacted by relationship or sexual violence or know someone who has, remember you are never alone. The RSVP Office is here to help.


Located in the University Health Center, RSVP offers a variety of services for those who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. Interpersonal violence is an umbrella term that encompasses all forms of sexual and relationship violence, stalking, and harassment. All of RSVP’s services are unbiased, free, and confidential.

You can even speak with an advocate 24/7 for immediate assistance by calling the RSVP Hotline, at 706-542-SAFE (706-542-7233). This includes overnight, weekends, and even during the summer.

Every Dawg has a role to play in ending violence on our campus. Instead of being on the sideline, do something and help a friend in need, all while maintaining your safety. Together, we can work towards a safe and inclusive community for all Dawgs. Our First Year Odyssey Seminar (FYOS) approved WatchDawgs program provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an active bystander. Protect Our House, and sign up for a WatchDawg session today!

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RSVP also facilitates educational programs such as Healthy Relationships and Consent 101, among others. Professors, student groups, Resident Assistants (RAs), faculty/staff, and community professionals are free to request a program.

If you are interested in ways to get involved with RSVP, consider joining the RSVP Peer Education student group! The student group is dedicated to raising awareness of the prevalence of relationship and sexual violence on college campuses, and creating space for dialogue and prevention efforts. Peer educators seek to educate our campus community through formal presentations, facilitated discussions, informational table booths, and campus-wide events and campaigns. Some of these programs include Sexual Violence Awareness Month Day of Action, Denim Day, Cocoa for Consent, Clothesline Project, and Safe Spring Break.


Personally, I have loved my experience as an RSVP Peer Educator! Having conversations about interpersonal violence can be difficult, but it is necessary. My favorite part is teaching someone something new while I’m tabling! If you are interested in getting involved, reach out to our advisor Allie Halbert, RSVP’s Prevention and Outreach Coordinator, at

RSVP is a resource available to you at any point in your college career. Please contact us by calling the RSVP office at 706.542.8690 if you’d like to hear more about any of our advocacy or outreach services.


Written by: Naomi Siddiquee, RSVP Peer Educator

Solar Eclipse 101

Something is happening at UGA…

Check out the UGA event page here.
What:  A near total eclipse (99.07%) of the sun

When:  August 21, 2017, beginning around 1pm and ending around 4pm Continue reading “Solar Eclipse 101”

Healthy Dawg’s Orientation “How To”

So you’ve made it to UGA…Congratulations!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Bulldog family and want to make sure that you have a smooth transition (and that you’re able to register for classes on time!). Here are just a few things to keep in mind…

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Welcome Letter for New Dawgs

Dear Families,

On behalf of the University Health Center, welcome to the Bulldawg Nation!  As the campus medical home for the University of Georgia students, we endorse behaviors that support total health: the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental aspects of health.

Our mascot, Healthy Dawg, is juggling all the areas of health – just like we want to help UGA students do!


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Student Perspective: Positive Experience as Part of SHAC

SHAC: a four letter acronym that represents health advocacy for all students at the University of Georgia. The UGA University Health Center is a student-centered facility that offers exceptional health care services to the students and faculty at UGA. It is incredibly comforting for UGA students to know that there is a health care facility focused on the needs of students nestled in the heart of the UGA community. It is also safe to say that at the University Health Center, we strive to keep our Georgia Bulldogs healthy!SHAC-group-2016-17b

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5 More Places to Nap at UGA

1. The Intersection

The Intersection is a relatively new space on campus located in the massive lobby of Tate Student Center. This room is dedicated to social justice on campus and around the world. Being a force for positive change is exhausting, so it’s a good thing the Intersection also has some comfy places to sleep!


– Morgan Smith, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador Continue reading “5 More Places to Nap at UGA”

Sexual Health Services at UHC

Whether you are sexually active right now or not, the University Health Center spends a lot of time meeting with students to answer their questions about sexual health. A good rule of thumb is to come in annually for an exam or physical and be open and honest with your provider about your sexual behaviors. For women, the “Well Women’s Exam” is the perfect time to check in about contraceptive options and changes in PMS, cramping, and bleeding patterns. The CDC recommends annual testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea for all sexually active adults under 26. For men who have sex with men, annual syphilis and HIV testing should also be discussed.

Ask any kind of question about your sexual health in a totally judgement-free environment.

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Eat for Heart Health

We’ve discussed exercising for heart health, but there’s more to it than that! The American Heart Association also recommends making changes to your diet to support a healthier heart. Below are just a few tips to get you started. If you ever have more questions, UHC has nutritionists on staff who are always here to help!

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Exercise for Heart Health

There are many ways to help keep your heart healthy. This February, during American Heart Month, we’ll be sharing just a few of them. To start: Exercise. While it may not be everyone’s favorite way to stay healthy, it is one that’s accessible for many on campus at the University of Georgia – there’s the Ramsey Center, intramural trails, and (of course) lots of hills. Below is a bit more information on how to incorporate exercise into your schedule.

Jingle Bell Fun Run 2016 at the UGA Golf Course 

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