It has been a long year, and you have a lot to be proud of! 

Take a moment to honor your accomplishments and finish strong! 

  1. Set up an appointment to get vaccinated at UHC  
  2. Continue to wear a face covering to protect your friends, family and community members 
  3. Hold events outside as you celebrate
  4. Take time to decorate your graduation cap if you desire 
  5. Write a graduation statement about your time at UGA to post with your graduation picture/decorated cap (remember to thank those who supported you along the way!) 
  6. Grab your roommate and rent a camera from the MLC to take pictures at your favorite campus spots 
  7. Make a list of your must dos at UGA/Athens before you graduate  
  8. Check in with your friends to say your goodbyes and cherish the friendships you built 
  9. Celebrate your graduation by baking a cake/sweet treat or buying one locally 
  10. Write a letter to your future self and open it one year after graduation 

Most importantly remember to take care of yourself along the way in your journey beyond UGA. You may be taking some time to figure things out, starting a job, or entering graduate school.

Wherever the road leads, you have the skills and knowledge to be great at whatever you do. The path is yours, and it is okay if it looks different than others!  

Congratulations UGA21 and wishing you all the best on behalf of the Health Promotion Department at UHC. 

Written by: the University Health Center Health Promotion Department