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#BeWellUGA at Home: Time Management

Strategies to Work, Learn, and Study from Home

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#BeWellUGA at Home: Make Time for Self-Care

Try these strategies for self-care while you are staying home.

  • Set boundaries with social media. Be intentional to seek out trusted sources and positive messages. Take breaks away from technology as needed.
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#BeWellUGA at Home: Essential Oils

Looking for a fun project to do at home to energize and recharge? Try making an essential oil roll-on! It’s easy and low cost, once you have the supplies you need.

Essential Oils 101: Finding the Right One for You
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#BeWellUGA at Home: Sleep

One component of health that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves?


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Birth Control & Telehealth at the UHC Women’s Clinic

It is no secret among obstetricians and labor and delivery nursing staff that nine months after an unexpected period of forced isolation there is a surge in births.

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Interpersonal Violence and COVID-19

While we adjust to COVID-19, public health officials have repeatedly issued the same important message: stay at home. Staying home and limiting contact with others reduces the likelihood of spreading COVID-19. This is especially important for vulnerable populations.

But what if home isn’t a safe place to be?

What about people who must shelter in place at home with an abusive partner?

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How to Help Friends & Family Members Who Aren’t Social Distancing

Your Actions Matter!  Once your needs have been met, you may be looking to help support those around you.  Check out these helpful tips when talking to others about the importance of social distancing.

3 strategies you can use: Direct, Distract, Delegate
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National Nutrition Month: 15 Minute Recipes – One Pan Taco Skillet

Everyone should have a collection of nutritious, tasty recipes that can be prepared in a pinch. Every Monday during March – National Nutrition Month – we’ll feature one recipe per week that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

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Social Distancing While Shopping

One common challenge we share during social distancing is how to get the food that we need to feel our best. A nutritious diet supports physical and mental well-being.

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