1. Science Library

O-chem got you down? Take a nap at the Science Library in between classes…or as a study break. Because let’s face it: If you’re in o-chem, you’re studying a LOT.


– Anna Britt, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

2. Myers Quad

Located in the heart of campus, Myers Quad is a convenient outdoor space to sprawl out, take in some vitamin D, and catch up on some zzz’s. Lying in the grass, slowly falling asleep to the sounds of an ultimate Frisbee match makes for the quintessential college napping experience.


– Hannah Lumapas, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

3. Snelling Dining

Snelling is quite possibly the best place to nap on campus. During the week, this dining hall is open 24 hours a day! That means you can have cake at 1:00am and sleep too! #Collegesleep-snelling

– Morgan Smith, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

4. MLC Head Terrace (it looks like an amphitheatre)

The Miller Learning Center is located in the hub of the University of Georgia, and the Head Terrace serves as a green space for the building. You can catch some sun or rest up in a cool(er…it is Georgia) shaded area. It’s a great between-class napping area, hangout area, or even planned picnic area. Sleep is great, and sun means vitamin D, which means endorphins. So say it with me…”endorphins make you happy.” Just wear sunscreen…please!


– Ajara Ceesay, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

5. Anywhere in an ENO

Eno-ing has become the trendiest way to nap at UGA – all the (sleepy) kids are doing it. If it’s above 65 degrees, you’re guaranteed to see a few Enos, usually on the beautiful North Campus or near the freshman dorms!


– Meredith Stone, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador
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