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Students practicing yoga with University Health Center instructor Alice Huff

To Begin:

Find a comfortable seated position.

Begin to breathe deeply in and out through your nose.

Focus on filling up your stomach as you breathe in and releasing your breath out through your stomach and chest as you breathe out.

Once you’re ready, try the poses!

While exploring each pose, remember to focus on your breath. If comfortable doing so, close your eyes.

Enjoy & relax on!

1. Seated Cat & Cow:
Sit up straight and place your hands gently on your lap. As you inhale, press your chest and belly out as far as you can, arching your back. As you exhale, tuck your belly and chest so your spine makes a C-curve. Repeat 4-6 times.

2. Seated Forward Fold:
Slowly round your upper body down into your thighs. Let your arms dangle or rest on the ground. Gently shake out your head and neck to release tension.

3. Shoulder & Head Rolls:
Circle your shoulders up, back, and down as many times as is comfortable. When ready, reverse the circle. Then, shift your focus to your head. Starting with your chin down toward your chest, move your head clockwise, letting it hang heavy from your neck. When ready, reverse the circle.

4. Seated Pigeon:
Bring your right ankle over your left knee, making a triangle with your upper legs. Rest your left hand on your ankle and right hand on your right knee. Gently press your knee down. Stop when you feel a gentle stretch. If you would like more stretch you can lean forward bringing your chest towards your thigh. To reverse, bring your left ankle over your right knee and repeat.

5. Seated Spinal Twist:
Shift forward so that your bottom is at the front edge of your seat. Place your right arm on the back of the chair, and rest your left hand on your right knee. Twist to the right until you feel a gentle stretch. On an inhale, lift through your head and chest. On an exhale, sink into the twist. To reverse, place your left hand on the back of the chair, and rest your right hand on your left knee and repeat.


Focus on your breath as you flow through each pose. Repeat each pose as many times as necessary before moving on to the next one. Try them all, or just the ones that feel right to you!


Written by: Liana Natochy and Alice Huff, The Fontaine Center / UHC Health Promotion