There is no doubt that many college students feel stress. We may know we have stress when we experience it, but what is it exactly?

Stress is defined as a response to a demand that is placed upon you.

Stress can be positive or negative. That extra burst of adrenaline that helps you finish your final paper, perform well in sports, or meet any challenge is positive stress. It is a short-term physiological tension and added mental alertness that subsides when the challenge is met, enabling you to relax and carry on. If you cannot return to a relaxed state, then the stress becomes negative. Too much stress can cause problems and affect our health, productivity, and relationships.

So…what can we do about it?

Managing stress is individual; you need to find the strategies that work for you.

Fortunately, there are many things we can do to help reduce and even prevent some of the problems caused by stress. The UGA Health Center (UHC) wants to support you in succeeding and enjoying your experience at UGA. Experts at UHC offer knowledge and programs concerning stress management and college life.

Written by: UHC CAPS and Communications