Have you ever noticed how the exact same situation can stress one person out, but not affect another person at all? The difference can usually be explained by how each person thinks about it. Changing the way you think can help you manage stress in your life.

“Attitude is everything.” What does that mean?

The way you think about things can make all the difference in how you react to events. Each time something happens in our lives, we interpret information about that event and form beliefs about what it means, why it happened, or how it’s going to affect us.

While we can’t always control the events that happen, we can control what we think about them.

Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is an ongoing internal dialogue we each have. Often this conversation is overly critical, irrational, and destructive. To reduce stress, instead of being your own worst critic, treat yourself with a gentle touch.

Changing Your Self-Talk

Think about a stressful situation you experienced recently. Come up with both negative/irrational self-talk and productive/rational self-talk for the situation, as in the illustration above.


You decide which self-talk you choose to listen to. Try to monitor your self-talk and replace negative messages with constructive, rational ones.

The UGA Health Center (UHC) wants to support you in succeeding and enjoying your experience at UGA. Experts at UHC offer knowledge and programs concerning stress management and college life.

Written by: UHC CAPS and Communications