Another reason to quit: smoking and tobacco use can cause stress. Some tobacco users believe that smoking is a stress reducer, but the opposite can be true — it can impact your sleep, your body’s ability to fight infection, and your overall health.

Harmful physiological effects on the body can actually increase your current level of stress. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to learn strategies to deal with stressors and to understand that quitting tobacco use takes time and practice.

Helpful Tips:

“In the time it takes you to smoke a cigarette, you could do something else that’s more effective–like take a short walk or try a relaxation exercise.”

Are you ready to break the habit?


The UGA Health Center (UHC) wants to support you in succeeding and enjoying your experience at UGA. Experts at UHC offer knowledge and programs concerning stress management and college life.

Written by: UHC CAPS and Communications