It is no secret among obstetricians and labor and delivery nursing staff that nine months after an unexpected period of forced isolation there is a surge in births.

For example, nine months after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey recorded a 30% increase in births. Similarly, nine months following a blizzard in 2015, Mercy Hospital in Buffalo, New York reported a 25-30% increase in births. And while we have never experienced an event such as the current COVID-19 pandemic that calls for social distancing in our lifetime, many experts are already predicting a baby boom for late 2020 and early 2021.

People are home with extra time on their hands, and well…things happen.

This is not the time to be without your birth control.

While many women across the country are already experiencing barriers to obtaining birth control due to unavoidable circumstances resulting from the pandemic, the University Health Center Women’s Clinic is committed to insuring that students are able to obtain birth control during this challenging time.

If you already have an existing prescription with us and you are located in the Athens area, you can take advantage of the UHC Pharmacy’s new curbside pickup service and get your refills at the Health Center without getting out of your car.

We can also transfer your prescription to a pharmacy that is convenient to you–whether you are in Atlanta or California. If you do not have an existing birth control prescription, and you would like to start birth control, the clinicians of the Women’s Clinic are available for telehealth appointments to discuss options and provide you with a prescription, if appropriate. Please call the Women’s Clinic at 706.542.8691 to schedule a telehealth appointment.

In addition to assisting you with contraception needs, the clinicians of the Women’s Clinic are available for telehealth appointments to address many of your health care needs that may arise in the coming days. If it is determined that your situation can not be managed by telehealth, we will assist you in obtaining an appointment in our clinic or at another facility that is more convenient to you.

These are challenging times and unchartered waters for many of us. In the days ahead, do not hesitate to contact us to assist you with your women’s health needs.

Written by Missy Jackson, Nurse Practitioner, UHC Women’s Clinic