A nutritious diet supports physical and mental well-being. Join our UHC Health Promotion Department registered dietitian nutritionist in this video series to talk about stocking a nutritious pantry to maintain a healthful diet, minimize trips to the grocery store, and cook delicious meals at home.  

Beth Kindamo, Nutrition Education Coordinator in the UHC Health Promotion Department, introduces this video series on how to try and keep a nutritious, varied, and diverse diet during this time of social distancing by incorporating foods from all the MyPlate food groups – grains, fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and dairy or dairy alternatives.
Stocking a Nutritious Pantry – Grains
Stocking a Nutritious Pantry – Veggies
Stocking a Nutritious Pantry – Fruits
Stocking a Nutritious Pantry – Proteins
Stocking a Nutritious Pantry – Dairy & Alternatives

For students in need of additional support resources:

The UGA food pantry is fully stocked and available for students in town. Students should call Student Care and Outreach to set up a time for pick-up (706.542.7774) or contact them via email at SCO@uga.edu with any questions. Information about emergency funding and Graduate Student emergency funding can be found here: Student Affairs emergency fund and Graduate Student emergency fund. Bulldog Basics is also still running for students in town. Students can request basic hygiene items here.

Written by: Beth Kindamo, Nutrition Education Coordinator, UHC Health Promotion