1. The Intersection

The Intersection is a relatively new space on campus located in the massive lobby of Tate Student Center. This room is dedicated to social justice on campus and around the world. Being a force for positive change is exhausting, so it’s a good thing the Intersection also has some comfy places to sleep!


– Morgan Smith, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

2. Herty Field

Herty Field is one of the most iconic places on UGA’s campus, as it was the site of the first football game back in 1892. It’s a quiet and peaceful place to nap in the Georgia sunshine… until a Humans vs. Zombies battle happens.


– Meredith Stone, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

3. Founders Garden

The Founders Memorial Garden commemorates the twelve founders of the American Garden Club Movement. The garden was established 1891, and also serves as memorial for individuals in the United States Armed Forces. The garden houses over three hundred species of plants including historic trees, shrubs, and perennials. It’s a peaceful sanctuary that provides space for a much-deserved nap, meditation, or studying.


– Ajara Ceesay, UGA Student

4. Memorial Hall ISL Tribal Lounge

Right across from the hubbub of Tate Plaza and adjacent to the glory of Sanford Stadium is a quiet space where you can escape for a quick snooze. The Tribal Lounge is home to the International Student Life office and offers a comfy sectional that sits under a variety of flags.

tribal lounge.png

– Hannah Lumapas, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

5. Miller Learning Center

When it’s 3am and you’ve had a long night of studying, the MLC is the perfect place to nap before waking up for class that morning. Plus: you’re already on campus so you can sleep in an extra 30 minutes too!


– Anna Britt, UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassador

For more information on healthy sleep habits, visit the University Health Center online!

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Compiled by the UHC Healthy Dawg Ambassadors