Starting, maintaining, and ending relationships can all be stressful. Is your relationship stressing you out?

Healthy relationships are based on shared values, mutual respect, honesty, equality, fairness, and open communication. If these qualities, as well as the following characteristics, don’t describe your relationship, it may be a source of stress for you.

In a healthy relationship you…

  • have fun and grow together.
  • feel like you can be yourself.
  • maintain honesty, trust, and good communication.
  • build friendship and respect.
  • handle conflict.
  • have accountability, partnership, and dedication.
  • share healthy sexuality.

Conflict Resolution in a Relationship

At the core of any successful relationship is the ability to communicate and resolve conflict. Included here are guidelines and exercises to help you resolve conflict.

Ending a Relationship

Here are some tips for moving on, ending a relationship, starting a new relationship, and questions to ask if a relationship may be abusive.

Being Single

Although it’s sometimes hard to recognize, there is a lot of social pressure to enter a relationship. Whether you have chosen to be single or you have found yourself in that position, there are a lot of benefits to your current situation. Being single is a healthy and respectable choice. You can have more time to focus on school, a career, hobbies, travel, and hanging out…without feeling that you left someone out.


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Written by: UHC CAPS and Communications