UHC Medical Clinic Green dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters for Halloween

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Amber Bullard, and I am one of the University Health Center’s BeWell Peer Educators. Specifically, I promote positive body image as a member of BeYou, a body image and body positive group. With amazing advisors, Staci Belcher and Molly Dunn, the BeYou Peer Educators spread messages concerning the importance of accepting the wonderful bodies we are given to other students on campus. BeYou presents workshops throughout the semester that offer strategies for cultivating positive body image through exercises and conversations that can be used in your day-to-day lives.

With Halloween closely approaching, many people are making their final decisions regarding their costumes. Whether the goal of your costume is to be the scariest monster that has ever walked the streets or the cutest princess to ever reign, I encourage you to make sure that your costume makes you feel confident and comfortable. The positive energy that you radiate when you are in your costume headed out for a night of fun could be what matters most. Halloween is a time for everyone to be something different for the day which can be a lot of fun, but once that day is over and the costumes are put away, we could still have the same excitement to be ourselves as we did when we were all dressed up.

Once Halloween is over, take the time to acknowledge the things you love about yourself that did not vanish once you were out of your costume.

Remember to appreciate the positive internal aspects of yourself, like that wonderful brain that will get you through the rest of the semester. Continue to be kind to your body because it does so many amazing things for you. Enjoy your Halloween, and remember to always BEYOU!

Are you interested in learning more about body image? Join the BeWell Peer Educators: BeYou at our next body image workshop*:

October 24, 2019, 6-7PM in MLC 267

November 19, 2019, 6-7PM in MLC 267

*FYOS approved!

Written by: Amber Bullard, Be Well Peer Educator: Be You, UHC Health Promotion